Florida Commercial Insurance Brokers Joe D. Wells

Florida Commercial Insurance Brokers Joe D. Wells

Commercial Trucking Insurance Brokers

About Our JDW Commercial Trucking Insurance Brokers

Commercial Trucking Insurance Brokers

We start with a positive attitude toward finding a solution to fit your goals and your standards. We realize insurance a section of the big puzzle, but an important one not to be overlooked. Our goal is to help you optimize your insurance coverage to suit your needs, fit your budget and help prevent gaps in your policy which could be very costly. We will work with you and your organization on all levels. 

Independent Insurance Agents

Working in the role of an independent insurance agent. We are able to search the standard markets through admitted insurance companies to see if you qualify to be insured in this market. This market may seem to have the lowest premiums at times, but they can be restrictive in nature, because the admitted carriers could have setup programs they not will deviate from  – There is little to no room for negotiating. But we always look. This will mainly depend on your industry and insurance history.

Independent Insurance Brokers

As Insurance Brokers we have the ability to go outside the standard markets, which in many cases give us more room to negotiate your insurance policy coverage and its premiums. Once we have established your goals. We advocate for you to find the correct coverage. We can, in many cases, create a bidding platform. One whereas the insurance companies make offers for your business. We work for you and not the insurance companies. Which insurance companies do we work with? As Insurance Brokers, we are not limited to who we can get you quotes from. We seek to find the insurance carries who have an appetite for your needs.

About Joe

Joe has a background in Capital Markets. He holds license in Commercial Property & Casualty, Inland Marine, Surety and is an Insurance Broker. He has also been trained in Cyber Risk Management and holds a Real Estate License.

Florida – Joe can trace his family back to the 1950’s in the Florida Keys.

South Carolina – Joe can trace his family back his his great great grandmother who was born in 1820.