Trucking Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Workers Compensation Insurance provides coverage in case of accidents and injures sustained by your hired employees truck drivers.
  • If you W2 your drivers and employess you need worker compensation insurance
  • Covers employees, like company drivers and warehouse workers
  • Required by law in many states
  • Cost more than Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Benefits are fixed by law and usually statutory

Occupational Accident Insurance

  • Occupational Accident is similar to workers compensation insurance but is used for 1099 drivers and employees.
  • For example owner operators.
  • Less expensive than workers compensation
  • Not required by law
  • Limits set by insuring company

Contingent Liability Insurance

Your Contingent Liability Insurance is designed to add a layer of protection on top of Occupational Accident Insurance. For example if you have a 1099 employee who has occupation accident insurance and they get hurt on the job. Their attorney may try to prove they are not an independent contractor.

  • Their lawyer may try to prove the independent contractor is actually an employee and try to attach the claim to your workers compensation policy.
  • If you do not have a workers compensation policy. Their attoney may try to go after your company pocket book.

Contingent Liability Insurance can offer:

  • Legal defense
  • Employers’ liabiity reimebursment benefits
  • Worker’s compensation reimbursement benefits

What is a 1099 or Independent Contractor

  • Drives for other motor carriers
  • Uses his own truck, tools, and equipment
  • Hires and pays assistants
  • Sets his own work schedule
  • Makes profits or suffer losses
  • Has a registered business license

Trucking Workers' Compenstion Quotes

  • Class Codes and Description

    7228 Short Haul Trucking. This class is used for local haulers who transport general merchandise less than 200 miles from their business location or residence. This code also applies to sand and gravel haulers, towing companies, as well as dump truck operators.
    7229 Long Haul Trucking. This classification applies to operators than haul general merchandise greater than 200 miles from their principal location. May inlcude automobile hauling
    7231 Mail and Package Deliver and Courier Services. The applicable code for companies that deliver and/or pick up non-owneed packages and messages on a local basis.
    7230 Trucking- Package and Parcel Delivlery. This class is utilized for trucking companies that deliver merchandise from retail stores to customers.
    7380 Commercial Drivers, Chauffers, and Messengers. This class is intendeded for drivers who are not employed by a public transportation service and do not better fit another class code. This may include delivery by bicycle.
    7232 Contract Trucking- U.S. Postal Serevice. Applies to mail, parcel, and package delivery under contract with the U.S. Postal Service
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